Where the Material meets the Spiritual

Dare to be Different

Welcome to the Forge. This is our workshop. The place where we create, and the space where we collaborate.

  • We are kitchen specialists. We specialise in innovative solutions for high performance kitchens, kitchens that portray the proprietors' needs and values.

  • The art of crafting and creating is making something special. We strive to honour the people who dare to be different, who put passion and creativity into their work.

  • Each project we design is carefully made to reflect these people, the way they work, and how they prepare their craft. For this purpose, our process goes beyond simply designing and putting together equipment. Just like a chef who goes to great lengths in search of the perfect ingredient, we go the extra mile for our work. Our work reflect and support the values of these professionals, their focus on perfection and innovation in food preparation and presentation.
Kitchen Inc About Us

A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe.

- Thomas Keller

Chef Alex Atala, for his restaurant D.O.M in Sao Paulo, prepares dishes using Priprioca, an aromatic root found exclusively in the Amazon region.

Chef Rene Redzepi creates his signature Noma dish (New Nordic Cuisine) from ingredients gathered all across Scandinavia.

On our home turf, Chef Johnson Wong, being a champion of local produce, brings the flavours of fresh flowers, herbs and vegetables used in traditional Penang dishes to a totally exquisite, modern and delicate height in his restaurant, gen 根.

Chef Darren Teoh, of Dewakan, enlists the help of indigenous communities to gather exotic ingredients such as Kulim (forest garlic), and Enkabang Butter (butter churned from the Enkabang fruit) for his kitchen.

Kitchen Inc

Our Vision

  • To bring inspiration and innovation to every kitchen space across the ASEAN region.

Our Mission

  • 1. For the Kitchen. To create value for kitchens by delivering innovative, high performance solutions.

  • 2. For the Food. To maintain the integrity of the food-making process. To enhance the overall creativity of the cuisine.

  • 3. For the People. To uphold the character of the complete kitchen. To create profound relationships between the people involved.

  • 4. For the Environment. To commit towards sustainability and eco-friendly efforts for our planet. To manage our resources effectively and efficiently in ways that benefit our community.

Our Vision

Our Mission

At Kitchen Inc, our core values represent who we are, what we do, and what we strive for.

Our Passion For Excellence


Friendship * Opportunity * Responsibiliby * Gratitude * Experience

FRIENDSHIP is the foundation that unites everyone in the community. The relationship and camaraderie of the people remind us of the human value.

OPPORTUNITY can be found, even in the most difficult of times.

RESPONSIBILITY and RESPECT in every project we undertake. Responsibility to deliver the highest quality of work. Respect for each and everyone involved, and respect for the environment.

GRATITUDE is a priority in our daily adventure.

EXPERIENCE and managing EXPECTATIONS come with the attention to details on the task at hand. We constantly reflect upon our professionalism to match and surpass our clients' expectations.

The Elements of the Forge

The Art of Feng Shui relates individuals to energy forces in the environment. The Five Elements Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water are the entities of our universe that influence life. In the kitchen, passion is the. sixth element that drives these forces. Thus, the six elements are what Kitchen Inc's logo and brand identity stands for.

Understanding how the elements interact with and influence each other is key to building a solid foundation with these elements in harmony.

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Fire represents the energy, the main transformative power of the kitchen. To be able to master fire, to control the distribution of heat is the most important aspect in the process of food preparation.


Passion represents the human element of love and passion for our work, our purpose. Every other element can be manipulated and bent to serve a purpose but not passion. It has the power to coordinate the other five elements to enrich the life of the kitchen.


Earth is representative of the kitchen flooring. Establishing the appropriate flooring requires attention to the needs of the kitchen. Whether it should be porous, versatile, or noise insulated is carefully considered to build a firm foundation.


Water is life; it is the ever-present medium in the kitchen. It makes up the constitution of every dish, while also being the cleansing agent for every kitchen apparatus.


Wood is a basic material of charcoal. Wood produces wood-smoke, which makes up the essence of flavours such as hickory, maple, pecan, and oak.


Metal represents the materials used in fabricating our equipment and machines -the stoves, ovens, grills that make up the fundamental equipment in the kitchen.

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