Preventive Maintenance Program

Every good quality equipment requires maintenance to sustain optimum performance after being subjected to daily, fervent use. KITCHEN INC uses our expertise to tailor-make Preventive Maintenance Programs to help clients minimise breakdown occurrences and downtime so that they are able to have peace of mind to concentrate fully on what they do best.

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High Performance Equipment

At Kitchin Inc, we specialise on curating durable, high performance equipment to be used efficiently in their daily operations. We only use and supply meticulously selected kitchen equipment made by the most reputable manufacturers:

Kitchen Inc Ergonomics


No two kitchens are the same, and even the workflows may vary. For this reason, we work closely with our partners and clients. Spatial planning is the essential aspect when it comes to ergonomics - for example, we pay attention to the allocation of space for storage plus maintenance, and how to fit all the necessary kitchen equipment. Having a kitchen that is modular or flexible multi-tasking workstations will help create more efficient space.

Health Code

We follow stringent procedures in the kitchen to ensure that health code and safety regulations are respected.

Kitchen Inc Pest Control
  • - Pest Control
  • It costs more to remove pests than it does preventing. We identify all potential entrances and exits to apply pest control measures for the overall kitchen.
Kitchen Inc Air Ventilation
  • - Air Ventilation
  • The air circulation of the kitchen is important to maintain indoor air quality and keep odours in check. A proper Exhaust Hood System with accurate ventilation calculation and high capacity fans are strategically designed and deployed throughout the kitchen area to achieve a better working environment.
Kitchen Inc Fire Safety
  • - Fire Safety
  • As every gas operated equipment has to adhere to strict LPG reticulation and fire safety guidelines, the proper fire precautions, emergency evaluation plans, and Energy Commission guidelines are established to ensure all high risk appliances adhere to the required protocols. These include proper fire safety practices, emergency evacuation plans, and identifying smart spaces for fire extinguishers.

Technology & Efficiency

Commercial kitchens are some of the highest consumers of energy- they are estimated to consume 2.5 times more energy per square foot compared to any other commercial space - and approximately 40% is used for preparation and storage of food. What about the other 60%? Even after considering miscellaneous consumptions, it is clear that much of the energy is wasted and dispersed inefficiently into the kitchen

Low energy efficiency means higher cost, but this does not spell the end for the kitchen. Innovative and Integrated Technology offers a dramatic reduction in energy consumption, resulting in significant cost saving which may amount to 3%-6% of the operating cost. For Kitchen Inc, we work relentlessly to provide energy efficient solutions by integrating sophisticated and modern technology in the kitchen equipments.

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Waste Removal

We take priority in the duty of care to our clients and include Food, Oil & Grease (F.O.G) management in our designs. Proper waste disposal techniques are suggested and equipments are installed for both solid and liquid wastes.

Sanitation & Maintenance

We ensure allocation of sufficient wash stations, by considering the volume of equipment, cutlery, dishes, glasses and trays in use in the kitchen. Proper maintenance is the key to long term usage and sustainability.

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